The Bamboo Fox

The Bamboo Fox was created to help strengthen connections through personal gift giving while being mindful of durability, sustainability, and attainability. Each item is engraved with a fiber laser to ensure the artwork is there to stay.


Meet Kate

Kate Sweitzer is the owner and founder of The Bamboo Fox since it officially began November 2022. Although the business is still a fledgling, Kate has been creating and curating unique, durable gifts for decades. Those who know Kate personally commend her for her thoughtfulness and creativity. She is also well-known for her attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to bring ideas to life. She looks forward to helping others show their sentiments through thoughtful gift giving as The Bamboo Fox grows.

Why "The Bamboo Fox"?

Kate once started growing a timber bamboo forest with hopes of recreating the towering majesty of Japanese bamboo groves. Diggity, her dog, took to curling up under the canes in a bundle akin to a fox complete with white-tipped tail. Thus “The Bamboo Fox” was born.